Provincial High-tech
Enterprise Research and Development Center

Hwamda persist to cherish and support technology innovation. Our efforts on high-tech innovation and R&D have raised our core competitive edge. Now, we have mastered and use whole closed-loop control, high efficiency and energy saving control, low-noise control, high-speed injection on our machines. Our R&D center including test center, information center and standardized team and trial-produce center, covering machinery, electronics, electric, hydraulic transmission, polymers etc.

Build Intelligent Factory,
Move Towards Industry 4.0

Hwamda machinery devoted to reducing customers cost, increase customers image and management by using ready-made equipments. Internet settlements system of Hwamda plastic injection molding machine to realize the transformation of production and production model. Managers can get more exact information of production, allocate resources, and arrange production reasonably.


- Precision Manufacture


We has a modern production plant, and introduced  precision CNC boring machine, drilling machine, large horizontal gantry milling machine, CNC machining centers, and first-class management center, and we have the ability to develop a international advanced technology products.


  • Ingredient analyze detection
  • Microstructure detection
  • Material hardness detection
  • Optical performance inspection
  • Mechanical performance inspection
  • Machining accuracy detection
  • Dimension appearance detection


  • Clamping structure detection
  • Injection structure detection
  • Hydraulic system control detection
  • Electrical installation detection
  • Auto-cycle without troubleshoot detection
  • Safety function detection
  • Special project detection


  • Machine performance inspection
  • Safety setting inspection
  • Machine appearance inspection
  • Spare parts inspection
  • Newly requirements inspection

[Quality Control]

"First-class quality" is what we are pursuing the most. All the series of injection molding machine are equipped with world famous hydraulic & electric elements and control system. Through strict inspection, processing, assembly and test, Hwamda has provided first-class products and services to customers.